Computers for Charity

"No child or family in Northwest Ohio should be left behind in the digital divide."

Our Mission

Each year, Americans dispose of roughly 250 million computers and Electronics. Only 11.4% of e-waste in this country is properly recycled and it is the fastest growing waste stream in the United States. Computers contain dangerous toxins from lead, cadmium, mercury and other hazardous materials which if not properly handled and disposed, contaminate our environment.

Our mission is to reduce the electronic waste in our landfills by taking donations of computers and related accessories and refurbishing them to distribute them to individuals, charities and non-profits in need. Bridging the digital divide by providing these basic tools is a crucial and often overlooked step in helping people to succeed in today’s world and overcome many obstacles in life.

We are also interested in working with other non-profits, churches and charities that support service and volunteering programs to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement. We hope to be able to provide your agency or clients of your agency with custom  technology solutions to meet your needs.


Partner Organizations and ClientsAt this time we cannot honor computer vouchers until we have secured a new location to operate out of. We apologies for the inconvenience this may cause you. Please check back often for updates on this status message.

VolunteersAll meetings are cancelled until further notice. Check your email for updates on volunteer activities and the status of Computers for Charity. 

Donors: We have begun accepting donations again at our storage location! Please contact us to arrange a dropoff.

We Need A New Home

We are in the process of seeking a new location to host our charity. Please contact if you know of one that will have adequate room for a small office, and a computer workroom, in Bowling Green, Ohio.

If you have immediate computer repair needs please see our partner organization Affordable Computer Solutions to assist you with all your computer related needs!   

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