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"No child or family in Northwest Ohio should be left behind in the digital divide."


Who We Are:

Computers for Charity is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit that refurbishes computers for those in need in the community. We work with other non-profits and charities to determine what clients to accept into our program. We use the opportunity to train our volunteer staff as well as the clients in basic computer repair and maintenance. We are available for consultaion for computer repairs, networks, hardware and software installations to other non-profits and individuals.

What We Do:


We take donations of computers, accessories, parts and software and test and do the repair work to create functional systems that are donated to worthwhile causes and individuals at no cost. We work to promote recycling, promote reuse, and to promote awareness of the environmental impact of improperly disposed electronic watse. We also strive to help organizations cut costs, energy consumption and utilize their current technology resources more effeciently.

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